[JC]CREATIVE 婚禮視覺 | 珍視最愛你的與疼惜陪伴你到最後的她 To cherish , to love and to honor the one that you love...

photo _ [JC]CREATIVE / make up _ JOY TAI /  flowers _ Z'milez Floral Design /   Wedding ring _ T&C 緹囍手工訂製珠寶工作室 /   dress _ Jasmine Galleria /  location _  香港陽明山莊 Hong Kong Parkview

photo _ [JC]CREATIVE / make up _ JOY TAI / flowers _ Z'milez Floral Design / Wedding ring _ T&C 緹囍手工訂製珠寶工作室 / dress _ Jasmine Galleria / location _ 香港陽明山莊 Hong Kong Parkview











We were brought to this world through our wonderful mother.

When one needs to be independent , to lead his / her own life and enter the holy matrimony of marriage and life after that, is he / she capable of doing so?

Is she / he can endure the process of leaving the old motherly bond ( from birth) and make a new bond with the new life partner…?

The common tussle in any marriage has always been the issue of who is in charge, who have the last it between the couple, be it between the younger and older generation. this, has its root back to the issue of motherly and marriage bond.often, the insistence of the elderly and the innocent of the young, in the process of gaining recognition for themselves, lead to a wrong footing , wrong start.

In any space filled out with more than 1 individual, the art of communication plays vital role, let alone in a situation where marriage is a unification of more than 2 individuals with different upbringing and background were brought into one small space...

As a wife / husband , as a younger generation, he / she no doubt will be benefited from the experience and wisdom of the old. as the elderly, they should extend their love to the new member of the family, regardless of his / her background, and share with them their wisdom.The elderly need not fight for favor as they will forever be remember as the guiding hand from birth, the mentor  and the wise one.

The youngster need not try to prove themselves eagerly and establishing who is in charge.

Its very simple.

A caring mother will cherish, care and love her son/daughter from birth, out of her maternal instinct. as life progresses, the young son/daughter will choose a life partner to continue and enjoy the same kind of cherish, love and care .

As an elderly, she should be glad that her legacy has been extended…

As a man, please cherish your life partner, do not see them as fragile and treat them with respect, cherish them with love, as she will be your leaning pole when you are weak and.


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