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[孕婦寫真] 生命之歌 | Portrait of a Pregnancy - The Song of Life | 影像自癒攝療師

    樹呀~ 你聽見了嗎? 我將再次來臨的心跳聲。



photographer | [JC]CREATIVE
make up |Lillian Makeup & Accessories 林家卉新娘祕書整體造型
location | TAI WAN TAOYUAN 台灣桃園

Can you hear me ?  my tree … the sweet beat of my heart…

From birth till death , how many roles one play throughout... The most important would be being a parent…
Nurtured in the womb of mother , a child will arrived in this world, fresh and pure as a newly germinated seed , place in the careful arm of parent , surrounded by the warmth and love as how the earth encroached on the new seed…

When the nutrients in the earth that will determine how high the tree soar , how green its leaves are, how bushy the branches , the hand of parent will shape the child into a healthy and strong human being and mould his/her vision and perspective of life later … 

A high-flying CEO, teacher . artist or just the guy working at the corner shop , parents are “ papa/mama” in the eye of the child , a personl who will be writing the chapter and note for him/her’s life musical .

“ will I be another Mozart ? Beethoven? Schubert? ”