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儀芳十年前與只認識了2個月的先生結婚公証宴客,一切有如戲劇性地急速進行。轉眼十年過去,今天她在先生與兩位孩子的陪伴下,前來拍攝個人婚紗人像 : 「一直唸了久,很想再穿一次婚紗,好好地拍攝最佳狀態的自己,當我無意中看見你為我學姐拍攝的人像,驚訝怎麼可以拍得如此自然簡單有氣質,與我印象中的他又是另一面貌!於是我認為應該馬上行動與 JC 預約,圓了自己多年的心願,填補心中的一個遺憾!

是的,很明瞭儀芳的感受,因為這也是大多女性尋找JC 為他們記錄年月的原因與感受。

JC 多年來強調女性請忠於自己,主張簡約而為,這不是因為世界市場轉變而隨波逐流的口號,懂得的人一定看懂。當然,這不是容易的事,簡單從來不簡單。十年歲月,總有些美好,總有些遺憾,成就了當下的你,於是你看懂了,於是我們相遇了,沒有剛巧,只是時間到了,正如儀芳與他先生的良緣,足以証明,都是在合適的時間讓該發生的事情發展而已。

假若生命中所有的遺憾都能填補... 這會是多麼的幸運? 你願意把握眼前的時間,掌握完善自己人生的缺口嗎?

Yifang was married 10 years ago… it was all in a rush and dramatic, she settled with husband after knowing him for a mere 2 months.

Yifang was in my studio with her beloved husband and 2 children , for a bridal portrait :
“  i have always wanted to look at myself again in bridal gown, at a time when i am at my prime. I came across JC’s work in my friend photo . I was impresssed and awed by the simple and elegant style of photography, which presented another side of her. Hence , i decided to come to you immediately so i can leave my own image at its prime, a long time wish that i have longed to fulfill.”

yes, JC  can totally feel Yifang. All ladies that appointed JC  for their shoot were all for the same reason, keeping a good record of their image at their prime and blended it with feeling.

After 10 years, just like when Yifang settled and married in such a rush time, its a matter of the right person at the right time, coincidental yet fated. 

JC has always been true to herself, using her own style and interpretation of  bridal portait shoot, not following trending style or set up, but maintaining her own elegant yet simple style. This is no simple matter and definitely no easy way to stay in this track, and yet JC has been able to do so , after all in 10 years JC seen people that appreciates and people that dont and still be true to herself and her style.  To her , the chemical of appreciating her style is like Yifang’s marriage, its the right time, right person then everything else will click and fall into places.

How lucky we will be, if only we can patch up those missing links in life…?
in life, we often missed out important moments,  and when looking back these are like missing links in our memory line. 
important moments...wedding, birth of a child, pregnancy were all links in our life that stretch out throughout our life.anything missing or broken, often leads to a less complete emotional feel, emptiness at time…
only if there is a way where we can freezed those moments and patch up our missing link later…

through photography, we can relive those moments.
through photography, we can feel those emotions in our mind and soul.
through photography , we patch up those emptiness in our emotional world.
so, what are you waiting for? capture it , store it ...now


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